DO the Learning Event Generator AS an Excel Workbook

Inspired by John Davitt’s Learning Event Generator from, I decided to DO the Learning Event Generator AS an Excel Workbook.

Here is the result: Learning Event Generator as Excel – version 3

I may develop this further and the previous link will go out of date, so here’s a link that will always point to the latest version: Learning Event Generator as Excel – latest

The excel file contains a very simple macro to recalculate the sheet when the ‘generate’ button is clicked. If you’re scared of macros you can disable them and use F9 (Windows) or Cmd = (Mac) to generate a new learning event. If you do disable macros, clicking the ‘generate’ button will have no effect, so using the workbook will be rather counter-intuitive. I’d recommend you enable macros for this workbook.

You can modify the ‘do’ and ‘as’ lists on the respective pages of the workbook. This version contains 135 ‘DO’ options and 151 ‘AS’ options, allowing over 20,000 different learning events to be generated. Excel will allow over 65000 options in each list yielding potentially over 4 billion permutations.

If you didn’t want students to modify the lists, you could easily hide those sheets.

I hope someone finds this useful – let me know!

2 Responses to “DO the Learning Event Generator AS an Excel Workbook”

  1.   scrich Says:

    Exciting to hear it’s being used! thanks Tom.

  2.   alijoy Says:

    Fantastic. Thank you. I am off to adapt it to use on a literacy course I am running tomorrow.


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